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“The residents of Bay Point deserve to live with dignity. We deserve quality parks so that our hard-working community can enjoy them together. It is not good enough to say ‘sorry, there’s not enough money to fix that.’ We need to do better than that. Because I know for a fact that this community has the ability to come together and find creative ways to solve our problems. We found solutions when we wanted our community pool reopened, then we found them again when we wanted new bathrooms at our Ambrose Park. It was organizing and advocacy that helped accomplished those projects. I know that our community can achieve great things when we work hard and work together.” - Eduardo Torres



Parks in our community are essential for physical activity, social connectedness, and mental, spiritual and environmental health. Bay Point residents deserve beautiful, high quality parks where children can play, families can be together, and the community can enjoy the outdoors. Eduardo will work for secure, dignified parks with better lighting, increased maintenance and amenities, and safe surrounding streets so that all Bay Point residents can enjoy their neighborhood parks


Quality recreation services should provide opportunities for personal wellness, learning, and active living.

Bay Point residents of all ages deserve fun, safe, and affordable recreation programs and events that reflect our community. Eduardo will work to bring new and dynamic recreation services that celebrate Bay Point’s cultural diversity, promote well-being, and adapt to our unique time.


Bay Point residents are the heart of our community and deserve representatives who will listen, respect and work in partnership with all voices. Bay Point residents deserve transparency and to know their tax dollars are spent honestly and responsibly. Eduardo will work openly with the Bay Point community, non-profits, foundations, and other partners to bring resources and improvements to Bay Point parks. Eduardo will seek innovative revenue-generating streams and ethical cost-saving measures to make much needed improvements to Bay Point parks and services.


Ambrose Park was once a widely-used community park in Bay Point from the moment it was created back in 1947. However, over the years, the park's conditions have severely declined.  Eduardo has a strong track record of working with community partners to get things done. Eduardo's advocacy with ACCE led to the re-opening of a new Ambrose community pool in 2017 and his partnership with parent leaders resulted in a plan for new restrooms that are currently being constructed at Ambrose Park. Eduardo intends to continue building partnerships to restore and improve Ambrose Park so that Bay Point residents can reconnect with a park that is woven into the fabric of this community. 


Bay Point is a vibrant, strong and resilient community.  Eduardo is proud to be raised in this community and to call Bay Point his home. The Bay Point community deserves resources, attention, dignity and respect that have been denied for far too long. Now, more than ever, Bay Point needs a representative that will champion health, racial and economic equity, integrity, quality of life, and community well-being. Eduardo will work tirelessly to bring quality parks, programming, dignity and justice to Bay Point. Please vote for Eduardo Torres for the Ambrose Recreation and Park District Board.

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